ReStone is happy to announce that we have completed RePlugReady, a project that has demonstrated the low carbon footprint, CO2-proof and self healing properties of our product RePlug®. The project was supported by the Research Council of Norway, through the CLIMIT programme. Thanks also goes to the excellent contributing researchers from SINTEF, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh and University of Maryland.
Please find more information in the CLIMIT Bulletin.


ReStone er glade for å meddele at vi har ferdigstilt RePlugReady, et prosjekt som har vist at RePlug® er et lavkarbon, CO2-sikkert og selvhelende sementprodukt for petroleumsindustrien. RePlugReady ble støttet av Norges forskningsråd igjennom CLIMIT-programmet. Vi vil også takke forskerne fra SINTEF Industri, Heriot Watt University og University of Maryland for fremragende bidrag.

Se mer informasjon i CLIMIT sin nyhetssak.

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