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ReStone AS is a limited company, registered in Norway on the 8th of February 2016. It has the Company #816726492. ReStone’s vision is to create Value from Waste Rock. We call this Rock Management. The owners of ReStone AS are both female geologists with PhDs. Rock Doctors. Short Curiculuum Vitaes are listed below.


ReStone AS at the CLIMIT Summit 2017

Dr. Astri Jæger Sweetman Kvassnes                      CEO ReStone AS

  • Founder, Owner and CEO of ReStone AS
  • PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Joint Program in Marine Geology, specializing in petrology and geochemisty of igneous rocks
  • 20 years work experience in geology and geochemistry
  • 12-years-experience in research institutes and proven track record of research achievements and EIA’s
  • 8-year experience in project management and environmental protection research in Norwegian Research Institutes
  • Project creator, team-builder and -manager of several large research projects with industry partners
  • Proven funding record with Research Foundations and Innovation Norway
  • Two-year experience as a Business Developer on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in geological formations
  • A1 Certified for the construction of concrete from the Norwegian Concrete Society.
  • Studied entrepreneurship, business-plans, leadership, mentorship and strategic economic control
  • Extensive marketing experience.
  • Native English- and Norwegian proficiency, some German language and culture. Has lived in Norway, Germany, Iceland, USA and UK.
  • astri(@)

Dr. Jill Angelique Clausen                                       CTO ReStone AS

  • Founder, Owner and CTO, as well as chairperson of ReStone AS
  • PhD from University of Bergen in Structural- and Petroleum Geology, specializing in structural geology
  • 20 years of work-experience in petroleum geology including a PhD and a 2-year postdoctoral-fellow position
  • Work experience from several operators on the NCS, Research institutes and working in three countries
  • Studied entrepreneurship, business plans and leadership
  • Proven funding record with Research Foundations and Innovation Norway
  • Geological expert on faults, particularly fault sealing and rock mechanics
  • Experience from the entire value chain from seismic interpretation via geo-modeling, petroleum-technology and working directly with reservoirs and drilling
  • A1 Certified for the construction of concrete from the Norwegian Concrete Society.
  • Extensive geological experience, covering geological modelling, seismic interpretation, wells (log data, cores, planning and follow up during production/injection), hydrocarbon volume calculation, fluid/pressure data, experimental geology (ring-shear and plaster) and field data
  • Expert on exploration on the Barents Sea and Mid-Norwegian continental shelf
  • Extensive marketing experience.
  • Native Norwegian, and fluent English
  • jill(@)
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