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Massive potential in the availability of rock

110 million metric tonnes of waste rock is produced from the raw materials sector, road- and railways constructions in Norway annually, at a rate of 22 tonnes per capita. Paradoxically, sand, gravel and fill (“aggregates”) are in short supply outside Norway, Sweden and Finland. Northern Continental European countries and the UK extract marine aggregates from North Sea habitats.

Massive need for rock in Europe

As much as 60 million tonnes marine aggregates are extracted by the Crown Estate (UK) per year. At the same time, ranked after fossil fuels and land-use change, clinker (CaO) production for Portland Cement is the third-largest (5% of the global emissions of CO2) source of anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide. Likewise, the transport of aggregates makes up 5% of the annual global CO2-emission.

Introducing ReConstruct™

ReConstruct™ is a circular-economy waste-sourced product that will reduce the CO2 emissions of concrete production by 20%, 20% reduction in ecological impact and -energy costs from extracting new aggregates from green-fields, reduction of the need for dumpsites for rock waste by 40%, reduce the need for extracting marine aggregates in Europe by 30% while reducing damage to the sea-floor, emissions and energy costs from dredging in the North Sea, all while reducing the direct cost of concrete by 10%.

By 2035 ReStone want to have the concept of ReConstruct™ so popular that no surplus rocks are thrown away in the Nordics. The clear ambitions for a climate-smart circular-economy, ReConstruct™ is addressed head-on. The benefit is both economical and environmental and makes our practice very desirable to governments, and aggregate users and producers.

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