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ReStone – Creating value from waste rock

Norway is a rocky country with easy access to large volumes of aggregates and waste rock. Due to construction of roads and tunnels, and additional mineral mining, the amount of waste rock may exceed 100 million tonnes per year. But waste-rock does not need to be trash.

In ReStone, our vision is to create value from waste rock. We call this Rock Stewardship™.

  • We are designing processes to plan large extractions of waste rocks and find good use for these masses
  • We broker masses to projects that need large amounts of affordable, low environmental-footprint rock and fill masses
  • We are developing products for rock waste materials

The proper planning and stewardship, the millions of tonnes of rock materials currently wasted in Norway can be made into value for your company. We’d love to help

Our mineral-mining industries are producing waste that is fine grained and potentially reactive. These properties are problematic as waste, but interesting for product development. ReStone has already won an Innovation project from the Norwegian Research Council for product development.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us by email or phone  +47 98 294 126 / +47 915 797 81


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